Our Mission

The EAC Regional Network of Public Health Reference Laboratories for
Communicable Diseases aims to reduce the burden of communicable disease
outbreaks to the population by strengthening the capacity of the EAC
Partner States to respond to suspected outbreaks timely.

Our Objectives

  • To strengthen sustainable structures at National Public Health
    Laboratories and capacities for the rapid identification of infectious
    disease outbreaks by establishing mobile diagnostic laboratories
  • To strengthen capacities in EAC Partner States to respond to pathogens
    of bio-safety level (BSL) 3 and 4 and other outbreaks of infectious
    diseases, prone to cause cross border epidemics
  • To enable EAC countries to mobilise from within country as rapid first
    line response
  • To enable the identification of pathogens by establishing broader
    screening diagnostics capacity
  • To enhance the capacity of the EAC¬†Partner States to respond to suspected outbreaks timely